Julieta Caruso


Julieta Caruso, a young chef from Bariloche, worked at Mugaritz for nine years.  She began as an intern, moved on to become Station Chef, Sous-chef, and finally Head Chef for two years.

She also spent a year traveling and working in Asia: Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and India.  She describes this experience as “starting over,” as the cultures involved were so vastly different and have strikingly different ways of understanding cuisine.  At the end of her travels she returned to Mugaritz to join the team responsible for managing the organization and logistics of the outreach department which provides advisory services, gives courses and presents papers, offers four hands dinners, as well as other ventures.

Today she returns to her country of origin as the new host of La Cocina at Casa Cavia.  She will continue to work together with Mugaritz from Argentina on specific projects through her culinary consulting firm, Boiling Point.