Lupe García

Casa Cavia’s creative director is Lupe García. A film director, Lupe conceives of her projects as film sets.  Just as she would put together a film crew, she chose the hosts of Casa Cavia from the top creative minds in their fields, to join forces around a shared vision.  From her experience at La Panaderia de Pablo and Piso tres, she is convinced that the secret to success is discovering, building and sustaining a strong core identity to ground and guide each new initiative.

Most recently, together with Juan Carlos Garcia, she created Carne with the Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco – currently the number six chef in the world. All of these endeavors are carried out by the same culinary team, bringing their ideas to fruition in places that tell stories through their cuisine, their architecture and above all, their people.  Like the identity of Casa Cavia: original, daring, eclectic.