The kitchen


A setting where sensations, emotions, knowledge, schools of thought, gestures and rituals come together. The house, its architecture, the flowers, the well laid table, the books beckoning from the shelves, the comfortable chairs, the dishes, the food itself; the entire combination of aromas, of flavors, contains stories to share.  We meet to eat, to celebrate, to cook up memories.

We hope to surprise you, to awaken your curiosity, and to indulge you throughout your visit.  We offer you a fantasy world where time stands still, the flowers, bookshop and cuisine work together, unite, enrich each other to beguile our guests. At Casa Cavia, we invite you to rediscover the history of the practice of eating.  Join us around the table, to travel through books, cultures, customs and flavors from around the world.

A true meeting place:  where cuisine learns from literature, creating dishes inspired by books and authors from around the globe.  Each dish has a story.  Each dish is a story.  At Casa Cavia we invite you to ask with us, how are literature and cooking intertwined? Which stories inspire dishes, which dishes inspire stories?