The neighborhood


Casa Cavia is located at the edge of elegant, traditional Palermo Chico, a neighborhood designed by French landscaper Charles Thays in 1912. Visitors and residents alike stroll the silence of its cobblestone streets surrounded by ancient trees. Here, where time seems to slow down, historical buildings, now become embassy residences as well as elegant private homes, are flanked by imposing, contemporary high rises. At one end of the neighborhood, Casa Cavia, an elegant gem of eclectic architecture (now preserved as a cultural heritage site), quietly presides on Cavia Street between Libertador Avenue and Castex Street. Its windows open onto Plaza Alemania, another symbol of the era. The tree-filled square, like the neighborhood itself, was designed by Charles Thays, and showcases architect Gustav AdolfBredow’s marble fountain celebrating “Argentine Agricultural Wealth.” Magnificent rosewood trees, as well as stately conifers known as monkey puzzle trees, frame paths where people run, walk, or simply sit and enjoy, adding to the ambiance of Plaza Alemania, the inviting setting for Casa Cavia.